Contributor Vote Updates Board

The official Wayward Society Discord server will sometimes hold "contributor votes" in which users that have contributed to our community in some way will be allowed to vote on formal changes to our site and its policies. To be considered a "contributor" and eligible to interact with the voting channel, a user must be at least one of the following:
- Staff member, either in the chat or on the main site
- International branch moderator/admin
- Author of any kind
- Artist/content creator who has made a notable contribution to the community
- User who gives consistent, helpful forum critique
Decisions made in this channel will be logged in a timeline on this page.

Contributor Vote #: 1
Duration: April 19th, 2:03 PM EST to April 20th, 2:03 PM EST (2019)
Explanation: A vote was enacted to decide whether or not to change the definition of the "Evergreen" Aberration category, which some felt was too restrictive or niche.
Old Evergreen Definition:

Proposed Voting Options:

Outcome: The second definition change was selected by contributors with a total of 16 votes, and is now the current Evergreen category definition in the catalog of terms.

Contributor Vote #: 2
Duration: May 12th, 12:00 PM EST to May 15th, 12:00 PM EST (2019)
Explanation: A major vote to determine, for the foreseeable future, how Wayward's canon policy would function and the method in which new lore would be added to the site.
Proposed Voting Options:

Outcome: Option 1 was selected by voters, with a total of 18 votes, and is set to be the policy going forward.
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