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Orison will not be given a chance to appeal.

Phamtomguy is permanently banned from the Wayward Society Wiki and Discord, for reasons detailed in this post:

Although he wasn't already a site member, for the foreseeable future, all attempts to join the wiki should be denied.

Wayward staff have found from an investigation that Orison, while attempting to doctor images to create drama between RPC and SCP, was attempting to recruit Wayward members for this purpose and intended to create alts to spread the drama to the Wayward Discord through whatever means necessary.


Given this evidence, she has been issued a permanent ban from the server and wiki. There are no plans in place at the moment for an appeal.

Edit: A member of our server junior staff was able to confirm that she had this intent in mind during a very recent VC call.

Disciplinary Record - Orison by WydnessWydness, 30 May 2019 06:16

('Twas a PM I sent, if it matters. Not a forum post.)

Re: Disciplinary - Hot Springs by WydnessWydness, 28 May 2019 20:21

Quoted from Wydness

Hot Springs, staff have had to address your unhelpful critique on several occasions:


In the second one, you were messaged by Sonk over Discord. In the case of the other two, I staffposted in the relevant threads.

Site staff have made the decision that until you successfully post an aberration of your own, you are banned from giving critique on aberrations in the forums. For now, you may continue to give critique on tales. You will be notified when this decision has expired. Violation of this order will result in further disciplinary action.

1. Absolutely. If they are not active they should have no semblance of authority on the site. This helps to not have an SCP Foundation deal where there's literally an entire drove of people who fall off of the face of the Earth and clog up the staff lists. It also removes any question whatsoever in the user's mind as to who to come to.

2. I don't expect anyone to be on this hobby wiki as a job. I'd say if they are generally inactive over the course of a month or two or fall off of the face of the Earth we could either remove them provisionally or for good. Perhaps we hold a meeting over the state of a staff member's activity and go accordingly on a case-by-case basis.

3. If they're a mod, junior mod. If they're an admin, mod until they can rise to admin again. If they become inactive as mods and want to apply again they get junior mod.

I do think that if a staff member makes it known that they will take breaks or are inactive none of the above should apply unless the time of inactivity exceeds three or more months. If a staff member doesn't state this, after one or two we should be able to demote.

Eon ApocalypseEon Apocalypse has formally been removed from his position of administrator by Sonk on the main wiki after almost six months of inactivity on the site and in chat. I'm making this thread so we can discuss three things:

1. Do we need to revoke the permissions of any other inactive staff members?

2. In the future, what should be our policy on formally declaring staff to be inactive?

3. Would old inactive staff members be allowed to return to their former position of authority after showing up from a long absence, or would they need to rise through the ranks again as junior moderators?

Staff have discussed giving the user a chance to appeal. Normally, we would allow permanent bans to initially be appealed in 3 months, if at all, but given the gravity of this situation, the decision for now is that the user will be allowed to appeal in a year, on May 18th, 2019.

A bit funny that our first official wiki-related disciplinary record relates to SCP drama, but oh well. Normally, we wouldn't bother with stuff like this that happened in another community, but the scale of the situation forced our hand.

Relevant reading for context:

If this problem had ended in SCP territory, I wouldn't be writing this, but earlier this morning, Krystool joined the official Wayward Discord server and DMed me claiming that they had been harassed by an admin of our French branch and his friends, to the point that they were considering taking legal action. All of this had apparently taken place on an SCP-FR server, but it's my job to hear this sort of thing out.

Despite the weight of their claims, I received only 3 screenshots (won't be posting them here, but they're available to staff who want to see them). One of them was just a screenshot of Krystool showing that they had attempted to report this admin to a moderator of the French SCP Wiki. (That's it. It was just a screenshot showing that they had tried to report him, not that anything had been done). The other two were of said admin explaining in a public server why Krystool had gotten themself banned for plagiarism. It definitely was not harassment.

Staff did some digging. Not only did we get confirmation that the (3!) screenshots were either fake or taken massively out of context, but Krystool had attempted to deceive me with a false identity. Given that this user blatantly faked evidence, attempted to lie to a staff member about who they were, and tried to drag their drama/personal vendetta all the way to Wayward from another community, staff made the decision to permanently ban them from the Discord server. Let it be known that I am writing this because Krystool is banned from the wiki as well.

I'd be willing to consider an appeal, if anyone wants to suggest a timeframe for that. Otherwise, I think we're done here.

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