Social Media Guide

Wayward Social Media Staff Guidelines


Having an official social media presence is ultimately necessary for Wayward's growth. It's a fairly open-ended responsibility, which means it leaves plenty of room for mistakes, and therefore why having some existing guidelines are important. (Note that none of these would apply to the Discord server, which has its own rules as a live chat service.)


  • No more than 4 staff members at any time, including junior moderators, should have major involvement in Wayward's official social media pages as to prevent poor allocation of resources. (In other words, things like casual Reddit moderators don't count.)
  • Social media staff should avoid talking about other writing websites unless prompted by followers. In such cases, they must maintain a neutral stance, and make no attempts to endorse or advertise another site. (This includes sites that they themselves may also be staff on.) Following and/or liking/favoriting other groups' pages and posts is not considered endorsement.
  • Social media staff should not self-advertise their own projects or work in a way that makes them more noticeable than any other community updates.
  • Social media staff should not pander towards a particular social demographic for purposes of attracting new community members. This includes weighing in on controversial news events or social topics to gain the support of any group.
  • In some manner, all official social media outlets should attempt to encourage conversation around writing or art in a manner relevant to Wayward or its aesthetics.
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